Tesh Family

The Tesh surname has a long history in North Carolina with the arrival of Heinrich Peter Tesch in 1771. Heinrich was living in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania prior to traveling the Great Wagon Road to the Carolina frontier. Heinrich and his brother, Adam traveled together on board the ship Brawley from Germany. They landed ashore on October 23, 1752. Heinrich was one the original settlers in the Friedberg Moravian community and is buried there along with his wife, Margaretha. Heinrich was the son of Johann Niclaus Tesch and grandson of Peter Tesch. This family page will begin with Heinrich Peter Tesch with other earlier lineage added at a later date. Once Heinrich’s family arrived in North Carolina, the surname was eventually changed to Tesh. Heinrich’s children made this early transition during the late 18th century.

Heinrich Peter Tesch(1733-1804) & Margaretha Jaeger(1730-1805)

  1. Stillborn infant(1755) buried in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
  2. Adam Tesh(1757-1819) married Rosina Ebert(1757-1831)
  3. Infant Son(1758-1758) buried in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
  4. Catharina Tesh(1759-1829) married Johann Adam Spach(1753-1816)
  5. George Heinrich Tesh(1761-1843) married Hannah Furhmann(1767-1815)
  6. Margaretha Tesh(1762-1840) married Johannes Younce(1760-1828)
  7. Elizabeth Tesh(1764-1808) married John Fishel(1762-1845)
  8. Sophia Tesh(1766-1812) married John Christian Schmidt(Smith)(1760-1792)
  9. Andreas Tesh(1768-1802) married Elizabeth Barbara Frey(1771-1855)
  10. Magdalena Tesh(1770-1849) married John Ludwig Reich(1767-1848)
  11. Sarah Tesh(1772-1844) married Jacob Spach(1768-1856)
  12. Anna Rosina Tesh(1774-1774) buried in Friedberg Cemetery, NC

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