McBride Family

Family legend states that 3 brothers arrived from Ireland to North Carolina sometime during the 18th century. They settled in Rockingham County, NC where they all operated a mill together. The brothers, John, Francis and Isaiah McBride appear on the 1790 census. There have been speculations that these McBride’s are also related to the family that settled in Guilford County, NC., but proof of this has not been located as of today. This page will be updated as time permits. (Update: 5/15/18-I have now located proof that John McBride’s father is Manassas McBride and mother, Mary Asten. Click link to learn more about this family. More about Manassas McBride

Descendants of John McBride(1755-1820)

John McBride married Elizabeth King in 1797 in Rockingham County, NC. John died in 1820 and left a will that divided his land between his 4 children. The will was probated in 1828 after his children became of age.

  1. Greene McBride married Nancy Fretwell in 1828 in Rockingham County, NC.
  2. Nancy McBride
  3. Isaiah McBride(1799-?)
  4. John McBride(1804-1884) married Elizabeth(1803-1887) in 1830 in Rockingham County. NC.

2nd Generation

John McBride(1804-1884) inherited 47 acres from his father’s will. He lived on this land until 1854. John  moved his family from Rockingham County to Surry County and received a land grant of 200 acres. A small family cemetery is located on this original land tract near the VA/NC border. John enlisted with the 26th Regiment in June of 1861. He marched towards VA and due to his age and the damp rainy weather, he was allowed to return home by July. John continued to live in Surry County and is buried at McBride Family Cemetery. His grave, along with wife, Elizabeth, is marked with large stones.

  1. Edward McBride(1831-?) married Elizabeth Hancock(1850-?)
  2. Elizabeth Kenner McBride(1834-1894) married James William Hemmings(1834-1880)
  3. William Patrick McBride(1835-1896) married Mary J King(1843-Bef. 1900)
  4. Thomas Jefferson McBride(1837-?) married Nancy Ann Young
  5. Jeanetta McBride(1842-1866) married E Puckett
  6. Ally McBride(1844-Bef. 1860)
  7. Charles W McBride(1847-?)
  8. Drury McBride(1848-1899) married Mary Jane Young( 1849=1903)

3rd Generation

drury mcbride
Drury McBride and Mary Jane Young McBride

Children of Drury McBride and Mary Jane Young McBride

  1. Alice McBride(1867-?)
  2. John Edward McBride(1870-1945) married Mary Norman(1870-1945)
  3. Edna Emeline McBride(1872-1950) married Edgar Davis(1870-1948)
  4. Elizabeth Ida McBride(1875-1960) married Adolphus Valentine(1865-1938)
  5. Mary Lenora McBride(1877-1965) married Benjamin Griffith(1881-1918)
  6. William Cabble McBride(1881-1959) married Ethel Orr Holler(1885-1960)
  7. Hillery I McBride(1884?)
  8. Ben McBride(1889-?)
  9. Carrie McBride(1889-?)
  10. Catherine McBride(1892-1957)

Children of William Patrick McBride and Mary J King

  1. William Charlie McBride(1865-1966) married Lou Anna Lynch(1874-1953)
  2. Emma Bell McBride(1867-1941) married James Richard Lynch(1860-1938)
  3. Abner McBride(1868-before 1880)
  4. John McBride(1871-1919) married Mary J Noah(1877-before 1930)

Children of Edward McBride and Elizabeth Hancock

  1. Elizabeth Jane McBride(1872-1939) married Albert Peter Norman

Children of Thomas Jefferson McBride and Nancy Ann Young

  1. Thomas Bennett McBride(1868-1954) married Mary Epperson(1871-?)
  2. Charles Franklin McBride(1871-1959) married Laura Smith
  3. Ankie McBride(1876-1948) married G.C.Adkins

More Data Arriving In September 2019 !!

While I’m loading the next generation to the site, I encourage you all to join the new McBride Surname Group on fb. It is sponsored by Piedmont Trails and is dedicated to the research of this family lineage.


  1. North Carolina Estates Files 1663-1979 State Archives, Raleigh, NC.
  2. 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1840 Census-Rockingham County, NC
  3. 1850,1860,1870,1880 Census-Surry County, NC
  4. McBride Family Cemetery, Flat Rock, Surry County, NC
  5. NC Civil War Records Confederacy State Archives, Raleigh, NC
  6. Personal interviews with family members beginning in 1980 thru present day

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