January 2019

The beginning of a brand new year! It’s exciting to think of all the treasures that await us during this new year. Researchers gather their planners, their schedules and agendas to set goals, begin new projects and plan trips. Don’t be afraid to set your heights higher, you just never know how things fall into place throughout the year. I am currently working on my 2019 agenda and I want it to be filled excitement, adventures and plenty of treasures. Researchers should gaze upon the winter horizon and picture trails unknown, brick walls dismantled and a vast amount of paper documents to sort, organize and add to your family tree. Genealogists are the “Indiana Jones” of the past. Enjoy your hobby by embracing your goals and most of all enjoy your journey !!

Plan A Genealogy Trip

I highly suggest planning a researcher’s dream vacation for this brand new year. Personally, I make several trips a year involving my genealogy and history projects. I always make sure to enjoy some relaxing time on each one of these embarkments and if possible, visit with new friends and comrades. Trips that contain several days or weeks, always plan ahead for everything. Check hour operations for courthouses, libraries and non-profit organizations. All of these have independent opening hours for researching and several will require you to have an appointment. Note the mileage if visiting several buildings in one day and note the traffic conditions in more metropolitan areas. Secure a hotel that is close to your planned area. Saving on price might result in missing that most important document that you were unable to research due to travel time between cities and small towns. Pay attention to parking signs. Each and every city has rules for parking, so remember how much parking time you are allowed if your research carries over several hours.

Set 2019 Goals

Create an outline for your yearly goals, starting with the most important and moving downward. Don’t be discouraged if your goals are not met at year’s end. I have goals that are aging as quickly as I am, but they are still important to me and I have each one noted as such. An outline will help guide you through the year and also encourage you as you mark the completed goals. Be creative with your outline and include as many notes as possible. As you all know, notes are our best friends in the genealogy world. We may be the only ones who can read them at times, but that is just fine.

Genealogy Contact List

Update or create a genealogy/history contact list for 2019. This is a vital tool that saves you so much time as your research grows. Meeting new friends is part of the research process, but keeping up with who is who can be challenging if you don’t have a current list. During the past thirty years, I’ve had to adjust my list by removing friends who have passed on, but for everyone I removed, I added at least 3 more. So, as you can see, having an up to date contact list with “notes” is an important genealogy tool.

Make 2019 The Best Year Ever

No matter what your agenda reveals or what your goals are, make 2019 a fun and exciting year. Take a break if needed from your research or projects to allow your body and mind to wind down a bit. It’s important to have fun with your goals. So, keep it uncomplicated and enjoy the year. Make 2019 your best year ever !! Enjoy the journey !!


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